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About this wiki:

This wiki was established in 2013 to document my hike.
It is now a place to share stories, ideas & designs.
Unlock your potential to move fast, light & free!
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About my 2013 Appalachian Trail hike:
From June 10 to August 7, I backpacked the AT in under 60 days.
Information on this page has been collected on my 2013 hike.
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"Self-supported" guidelines followed (Mostly adapted from the writing of Scott "Bink" Williamson):
  • Walk into and out of resupply towns to purchase or pick up prepacked and mailed supplies.
  • Hike as a backpacker, carrying all food and equipment between resupply towns.
  • Follow the official AT route, no detours, road walks or alternates of any kind.
  • Do not have anyone follow, or provide support in a prearranged manner.
  • Do not get into a vehicle for any reason during the attempt.
  • Honestly and thoroughly document the attempt.
  • Practice Leave-No-Trace ethics.

Packing and Logistics followed (see sample logistics for a 60 day AT thru-hike):

Documentation and Media: