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Silver Bullet Sapporo Bottle Stove (SBSBS)

Note: The following information has been provided by request of others. Before you build your own SBSBS, I urge you to research the health implications associated with consuming boiled water from aluminum beverage cans.
This 2.5 oz. system was specifically designed to heat and carry water for my 2013 sub 60 AT hike. The original bottle stove is dented, but still going strong after thousands of trail miles.
The main purpose of this page is to provide instructions to build your own. You can refer to the pics and description that I shared from a couple years ago here. (The pics on that link are of versions 1 and 2. The following instructions are for version 3.)
Materials needed:
  • empty and clean Sapporo can
  • empty and clean Coors Light, or similar 16 oz. aluminum bottle w/lid
  • JB Weld
  • non-permanent marker (dark color)
  • ruler
  • Can opener
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • 3/8" drill bit (forstner recommended) w/ drill; or hole punch
  • 8" or longer wood dowel and hammer
  • steel wool (optional)

Instructions (let me know if you have any questions on the discussion page):

Note: the total height (without lid) of SBSBS (version 3) should be 9.5"

  1. If using a drill to make holes for stove, follow steps 2 - 6... If using hole punch technique, skip.
  2. Use ruler to measure 3.5" down from the mouth opening of empty Sapporo can, use marker to draw line at this height
  3. Use ruler to measure 4" down from the lip/mouth opening of empty Sapporo can, use marker to draw line at this height
  4. Use 3/8" bit to drill 8 evenly spaced holes around 3.5" line.
  5. Repeat step 4 on 4" line, but stagger holes (see SBSBS to right in this pic) so not in line with the holes on the 3.5" line.
  6. Use 3/8" bit to drill 8 evenly spaced holes 0.5" from the lip/mouth opening.
  7. Use a can opener to cleanly remove the top(lid) of the Sapporo can.
  8. Use knife and score a line 4.75" down from opening (mouth) of Sapporo can.
  9. Use scissors for a rough cut 5" down from opening (mouth) of Sapporo can.
  10. Cut with scissors every 0.5" from rough cut up to scored line, flex these "tabs" back and forth along the score line as pivot to achieve a clean break all the way around can at 4.75"
  11. If using hole punch technique and still need to add holes to stove, follow step 12, if already drilled, skip.
  12. Use hole punch to punch 10-12 evenly spaced holes in 2-3 rows around both ends of the can (see SBSBS to left in this pic).
  13. Use wood dowel and hammer to invert base of empty Coors Light aluminum bottle from concave to convex in shape (see this pic).
  14. Mix about 2 tsp of JB Weld and apply generous amount of epoxy on the narrow opening of Sapporo can,
  15. Slide Coors Light bottle down opening so that 4.75" (including mouth of bottle) is sticking above the Sapporo can.
  16. Make sure epoxy is in contact all around this joint, reapply as necessary and secure cans so that bottle does not slide out of this position before epoxy can cure.
  17. Allow JB Weld to dry.
  18. Optional: use steel wool to remove labels on cans to give SBSBS a finished look.