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Welcome to the Gear Lab...
This page will share some of the ideas that are currently being developed and tested. If you want more info, post a comment or fill out the interest form at bottom of page. Happy trails!

Sub $60 Tent
external image 1447685525_135221.jpg

Sub $60 Tent Details & Specs

silnylon, 0.67 noseeum
Material cost
$54 (with shipping)
approx. 14 oz. (397 g)

The major push for this design was to make a cheap and relatively lightweight shelter that provided a little more luxury (i.e. room) than a bivy. Also, here in Florida, ventilation and bug protection were major considerations, hence this shelter is designed "inside-out" with the tarp material on the inside so it can be rolled back from bed to enjoy the stars and fresh air without dealing with the bugs.

Sans Pack Series

Sans Pack Details & Specs (Shirt)
approx. 700 cubic inches (11.5L)
lycra, #4 zippers, shock cord/locks
approx. 3 oz. (85 g) added (size M)

What started as a simple project to add pockets to a pair of shorts has now evolved into a series of clothing solutions for carrying overnight gear "sans pack." With a re-purposed shirt as foundation, two spacious stretch mesh pockets are added front and back: a zippered top-loading kangaroo pouch and zippered bottom-loading back pocket for easy access on-the-go.

These pockets require less than half the fabric and material needed to build a similarly sized pack, so it’s no surprise that they add only 3 oz. of weight (to size M shirt) while providing over 700 cubic inches of real estate and a snug ride for ultralight loads. Please sign up on the interest form (at bottom of page) if interested in transforming one of your old synthetic tees into a “sans pack.”

Air Bivy

Bivy Details & Specs:
WPB Shell
Provent 10000 2.3 oz.
PolyD 1.2 oz.
& ridge line
Tubular grosgrain tree huggers
+ titanium speed hooks + Amsteel 7/64
approx. 14 oz. (397 g)
Max Load
approx. 200 lbs. (90 kg)

The inspiration for the Air Bivy came one night in Virginia during my southbound sub 60 AT hike. I was having difficulty finding a decent spot to camp. I longed to hang between two of the countless trees on the trail. After my hike, I began researching hammocks with the goal of finding a summer shelter/sleep system that was lighter, faster and more versatile than what I carried in 2013.

The Air Bivy is simply a hammock with a waterproof/breathable "sock." The sock can be slid over the hammock so that either the mesh side is up (for maximum ventilation with bug protection), or Provent side is up (during inclement weather). The sock can be rotated inside the hammock in the event of changing weather. The streamlined suspension requires less than a minute for set-up and break-down.

It's currently under testing. You can sign up to receive an email update on the progress below. Update: the version 2 air bivy was used in April 2015 on the Cross-Florida Adventure Run. View a video of version 3 (11.5 oz.)

PHD Vest

Vest Details & Specs
approx. 2.5L water capacity
Pack Volume
approx. 500 cubic inches (8L)
Cordura 1000 TPU, lycra
approx. 10 oz. (284 g)
The big idea for the PHD (personal hydration device) is to achieve a low-profile way to carry water up front in a pack. The straps themselves form the bladder. Water carries more comfortably in this position with minimal sloshing while freeing up precious real estate for other gear and food in the pack's four front lycra pockets. In the back, a large zippered stretch lycra pocket provides enough volume to ideally balance the load 50/50 front and back. Positioned over the torso, water serves as a fantastic heat sink on hot days. Inflated fully with air, the PHD doubles as a great pillow. But no, the PHD isn't approved as a PFD!